Group Hershey’s Chocolate

hersheysOn April 4, the Rio Accessible Tour was hired to meet two employees of the company Hershey’s Chocolate. One from São Paulo and the other from Canada, who wanted to get to know Tijuca Forest, Cristo Redentor, Santa Teresa, and Pão de Açúcar.

To their surprise and the fact that we will be accompanied by a local tourist guide, they visited places that could have gone unnoticed due to the lack of knowledge of the city. We started with the Christ Redeemer and finished at the Sugar Loaf. During the trip they had the chance to see the Chinese Vista, the neighborhood and a park partially apart of the Botanical Garden. They also had the opportunity to see secret places, such as the Grotto of Paulo and Virginia, the Cascata da Baronesa, (which the Tijuca Forest reserves among many things to see inside it) and have a lunch stop inside one of the nice restaurants in the Bohemian neighborhood of Santa Teresa. This was all done without leaving the Selarón Staircase outside, which always enchants its visitors with its colorful steps and covered with tiles from all over the world.

As a result, the Rio Accessible Tour soon spread among the team of great Hershey’s professionals who were staying in Barra da Tijuca. 3 days later, we had the pleasure of taking 15 people on a micro bus to visit the Center Of the City with a stop in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio. Among the main attractions, we had a surprise stop at Leme Beach, where everyone could experience the Carioca style of being, by putting their feet in the sand and sea water. This finished the day with the satisfaction of having seen everything and much more than was asked.